Frequently Asked Questions

Common Electrician Questions

Here you can get answers to the most common questions we get asked. To ask a different question visit and contact our team directly.

Q: What is an electrical contractor?

A: An electrical contractor is an individual who works with electrical systems. This work can include designing, installing and maintenance of electrical wiring and circuitry.

Q: What qualifications do electricians need in Perth?

A: The Government requires every electrician to be fully accredited and licensed. EnergySafety and the Electrical Licensing Board have established a 66 core competencies that must be completed. All electricians are required by law to have Essential Performance Capabilities (View PDF) as established by the Electrical Licensing Board and EnergySafety.

Q: Are you a qualified electrician?

A: Yes. We are fully qualified and licensed to work as an electrician in Western Australia. You can use the License Recognition website and search qualified contractors.

Q: Can I do my own electrical work?

A: No. A licensed electrician must perform any electrical work. Current Western Australian Government regulations do not allow anyone who is unlicensed to work on electrical installations or repairs. It cannot be emphasized enough; electrical installation is a very sensitive issue that requires utmost care. The hazards associated with poor installation are real and the consequences are dire. It is an offence to work with unrecognized or non-certified contractors, and it can lead to prosecution in the court of law.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes. Contractors for Pro Electrician have Public Liability Insurance ($20,000,000) as recommended by the Western Australia government.

Q: When do I need a rewire?

A: You’ll need rewiring in case of faulty wiring to counter imminent danger. Annually, more than 13,000 fires have been directly linked to outdated or faulty wires. Therefore, it is necessary to contact an electrician the moment you notice a fault for timely rectification. Do not ignore flickering lights, use that as a warning sign. Lights that require bulbs to be frequently replaced must also be a cause for concern.

Q: When is a periodic electrical inspection required?

A: All electrical installations wear with age and continued use, therefore, they should be inspected regularly to ascertain they are in good condition. Periodic electrical inspections are performed by a professional electrician. For occupied homes, 10 years is the recommendation. For rental properties it is every 5 years. For swimming pools, yearly inspections are advised. Inspections must also be carried out whenever property is being let or sold.

Q: Do you provide data cabling?

A: Yes, we do extensive data connections and cabling for communication systems. We provide all data services such as cabling, connections, labeling, fiber optics and much more.

Q: My light is broken, can you help?

A: Yes. Our electricians are experts at all repairs and maintenance.  We deal exclusively with both high voltage and low voltage light installations and replacement of broken lights.

Q: What causes electric shocks?

A: Electric shocks are mainly caused by exposure of high to low voltage electricity. This is normally as a result of non-insulated electric cables or careless wiring that may leave bare cables unattended.

Q: How much does an electrician cost?

A: The cost of an electrician depends on a number of factors. The size of the project determines the amount you’re going to pay. Generally electrician charge hourly rates. These start from $55 per hour and go as high as $220 for a 24 hour electrician. In some cases fixed price quotes can be given. If you would like pricing, please request a quote.

Q: Do you have a 24 hour emergency electrician?

A: Yes. In case of emergencies you can contact our 24 hour electrician for after hours support. If the emergency is from a power outage or storm you can visit Western Power or call them on  13 13 51. 

Q: What areas do you service? 

A: We serve the entire Perth metropolitan region. Suburbs include Burswood, Lathlain, Mt. Claremont, Claremont, Swanbourne, Langford, Karrakatta, Riverton, Lynwood, Mosman Park, Shelley, Bull Creek, Victoria Park, Ferndale, Rossmoyne, Leening, South Perth, Manning, Applecross, Brentwood, Salter Point, Como, Kessington, Karawara, Waterford, Mount Pleasant, Brentwood, Ardross in Western Australia, WA.

Q: What are your operating hours?

A: Office hours are: Monday to Friday – 9.00 am and 5.30 pm. We also have an emergency service on call 24 hours a day.